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Mount Kelud is like a close friend to those living on the slopes of the smoldering volcano. Part of the local community is determined to stay as long as the mountain's natural resources provide them with the comforts of livelihood.

Meseman, 73, a villager of Gambar Anyar, Nglegok district, in Blitar, East Java, has been a resident of the Kelud slopes for many years, cultivating papaya plantations to make a living. When the fiery volcano was put on full-alert status, he chose to remain on the mountain with his family despite official evacuation attempts.

Meseman is convinced that the volcano will erupt some day, although it has not since the full-alert status was declared on Nov. 29.

"I'm not scared of the eruption because I'm been familiar with Mt. Kelud's character. I could even die if I become a refugee. One of my acquaintances died when he slipped and fell in a camp bathroom," he said.
Meseman's ill-fated fellow farmer was persuaded to take refuge by the regional administration, which provided Rp 50,000 in compensation per villager and food aid to make the slope residents abandon their settlements for safety.

However, around 30 percent of Mt. Kelud's slope population of 40,000 has remained unshaken by the alert. The local government's attempts at forced evacuation by door-to-door visits to urge villagers onto trucks has failed.

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