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How difficult is this tour ?
All the routes are challenging, sovaldi but can be achieved by anyone in good physical condition, sildenafil provided they have used to ride a motorbike and brief about traffic in Indonesia beforehand.
Some of our groups are accompanied by support vehicles, buy viagra so you can put your bike on top and sit in the vehicle for a while if you are finding the going too tough.

How far are the daily riding distances ?
We normally ride between 150 - 250km per day depending on the terrain. This might sound like a great difference, but sometimes the route is tough with long slow uphill's or some difficult stone river valleys. At other times the route is smooth and easy most of the time.

How many people will be in the group ?
Some people prefer traveling in a small group, others prefer the companionship of a larger group. The group size depends on how many people join. Our minimum group size is two people and we limit maximum number to five people plus one tour guide.
However we also flexible if there are special request related to our motorbike tour. Please do let us know if you need further assistance.

Do single travelers join your group tours ?
In our groups we usually find that 25% the people are single and 75% are traveling with their partner, family or friends. If you are single and prefer your own hotel room, we can arrange this, otherwise you can share.

Can you cater for vegetarians ?
If you tell us beforehand, we can manage most kinds of special diet. However please note that eastern part of Indonesia is still far behind of development, therefore the restaurant and catering business are still not as developed as in the western part of Indonesia. And it reflect to what they offer on the menu.

Can I bring my own bike ?
If you prefer to bring your own bike, please do so. We don't mind either way, there will be also some reduction from the tour price. Please do let us know.

Do I need to bring tools and some parts ?
We have the tools that we are likely to need for maintenance and repair of our own (hired) bikes. We also take some spare parts. If you bring your own bike, it is up to you to decide what tools and parts you might need. You must remember that there are no bike shops in the remote places in which we travel, and even in bigger cities like Surabaya, Yogyakarta & Denpasar parts are limited for motorbike that being sold in Indonesia.

How can I get a visa ?
It's very easy since Indonesia government has implemented free visa for some neighbouring countries as well as Visa on Arrival for most countries.
Please check to :
for further details about Visa on Arrival and other consular services.

Do you sell air tickets ?
We do not sell international air tickets to Indonesia.
However we do sell domestic air tickets.
Please ask if you need domestic air tickets.

What kind of accommodation will we be in ?
Please check the accommodation section in our site.

What else do I need to take ?*****
When you make a booking, you will receive a Tour Dossier in which there is a complete list of all you need to take in the way of equipment, clothing, medicines, etc.. Generally speaking you need to bring everything to cover all eventualities because outside Indonesia you cannot depend on anything being available.

Can I get references from past clients ?
Please let us know then we will send you some of our previous guest feedback (it's handwritten by them so we have to scan it first).
It will be a .jpg file

What is the temperature at night time ?
At higher altitudes it can get chilly at night, even during the summer months.
During the day, temperatures range from comfortable (+15 °C) to hot (+35°C), and you need to be prepared for rain as well.

Can I extend my trip ?
If you want to spend longer in Indonesia before or after your tour, we can arrange your hotel and transfers or even sightseeing tour as necessary.

What should I bring with me for the trip?
Before departure we will send you a list of what should you bring with for the trip as this depends on how long the trip will be, where the trip will adventure to, and when it will be. Only then will we be able to give you advice on clothing, shoes, etc.
All departures will start from the 1st day hotel as appeared on our travel itinerary where all necessary equipments will be provided including protective motorbiking clothing, helmet, gloves, rain coats and Givi box for extra luggage.
However, you are welcome to bring your own helmets and gloves if possible as it seems there is one size for all in Indonesia. Riding suits and rain-coats are available in various sizes. Last but not least, a strong pair of shoes/boots is needed.
You don't need to bring with you all of your travel bags as we provide each bike with a pair of sidebox @33 liter x 2 units. We can arrange your unused luggage to be delivered to our final destination with some extra payment.
The luggages will be reach your last hotel before you reach there.

Here are items we suggest for motorcycle touring:
- Clothing: helmet, rain gloves, boots, summer gloves, balaclava, t-shirt, socks & underwear, long sleeved shirt, turtleneck shirt, extra jeans, light jacket, leather chaps, zip-lock bags, riding boots, bandanas, sunglasses and goggles.
- Personal items: basic toiletries, emergency cash, sunscreen and earplugs.
- Emergency items: first aid kit, emergency contact number, list medical conditions, list medications, flashlight, chargers and duct tape.
- Miscellaneous: small towel, bath towel, trash bags, bungee cords, camera and cargo net.

We are travelling from the East up to the West; do you organize a trip from Denpasar to Surabaya?
Our company office is based in Surabaya but we have our representative in Bogor, Yogyakarta and Denpasar plus we worked closely with our link of operator nationwide - please do let us know if you need extra services.

How is the traffic in Indonesia?
Within city areas it has to be one of the craziest in the world!
But all of our trips avoid driving through big cities. We prefer to take small roads, which are absolutely much more fun and beautiful than the main roads. This way you see more wonderful smiles from the local people on the side of the roads all screaming "HELLO!!"
If you don't feel comfortable with the traffic or during any part of the trip your guide will assist you and make you feel comfortable and confident at what you are doing. He will work as a "chicken mother" and lead you to safety.

I'm travelling alone, is it possible to join with another group?
We will try to link you with another group but both your needs and riding skills have to be similar; or if any member of the group has special requirements, for example taking photos, you will have to agree to meet the other group's needs. And vice versa. Details of groups you could join can be see at our Calendar of Events.

How long do we ride each day?
This is a difficult question, but it should be no longer than 7 hours riding a day, with a stop every 1 or 2 hours. This also depends on individual driving skill, road conditions, the number of stops we make, etc. We don't stick to a tight schedule while on the road; sometimes we make a stop for a drink, take a photo, or even go for an interesting short walk in villages we stop by.

Do I need a deposit and if so how much?
Yes, we ask for a 50% deposit in order to confirm our tour and also to cover expenses for all the necessities prior to the trip. We will give you our bank account number to transfer the deposit or our PayPal account if you do not want to carry cash. Be advised to ask your bank how much they charge and if they have to go through a third bank before Bank Central Asia. Mostly the Bank charged around US$25-35 per transaction.

How do we pay you?
You could pay us either by Telegraphic Transfer (US$30 Bank charge) or Credit Card through our PayPal account (4% PayPal fee)

When is the best time for riding a motorbike in Indonesia?
Indonesia is located right in the equator line therefore most of the time is the best time for riding a motorbike in Indonesia.

Where is the best riding trip in Indonesia?
There is no answer for this question, as it all depends on what you want to see. Maybe it's best if you take a look to our Attractions and activities section to get a slight view of what our Motorbike tour visit along the way.

How many days is a good trip of riding?
To have a good trip we advise you to ride deep into the countryside in the mountainous areas. That trip will need at least 6 days but we suggest a longer trip to enjoy it in a relaxed fashion.
We also organize 26 days trip which is very fun, adventurous yet memorable in a positive way.

I am very interested in motorbiking trips in Indonesia but I don’t have experience experience of riding a motorbike?
Yes, you could ride as a pillion passenger on the bike of a guide to enjoy the trip. Or we advise you take a riding course organized by us.
It takes 1-2 days before the departure and costs 20 USD/person.
Please note that the riding course could be done only on our base office in Surabaya.

Do I need to have an international driving license to drive a motorbike in Indonesia?
If you have a car licence most of the local insurance companies consider that you can drive a motorcycle. As a result, the authorities also consider this document as acceptable. Driver licence is not a problem in Indonesia. The main concern is your insurance. Police generally ignore checking foreigners in Indonesia simply because they don't speak English or feel confident to deal with it. However no licence is fully valid in Indonesia, even an international driving licence, as it needs to be officially translated. The question of having or not a motorbiking driving licence mainly concerns your insurance. On the other hand, if you are working in Indonesia under contract for at least 6 months you could easily get a local driving licence.

Do we need to have insurance for motorbiking in Indonesia?
Yes, you need to have a medical insurance, even if you are a pillion passenger so that insurance will cover any accident. Please check to our Travel Insurance section.




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