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Sky Aviation to Lombok and Komodo

Sky Aviation Inaugurates New Service from Bali to Lombok and Komodo – West Flores.
(12/12/2011) Sky Aviation has formally inaugurated air service between Denpasar and Labuan Bajo, viagra Flores and between Denpasar and Lombok on Saturday, cialis December 3, 2011.

The first flight utilizing a Fokker 50 aircraft departing for Lombok left Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport at 9:00 a.m. landing at the Lombok International Airport 30 minutes later. After a short stopover in Lombok the flight continues on to the Komodo Airport, located in Labuan Bajo, West Flores.

The Fokker 50 aircraft operated by Sky Aviation is configured to carry 50 passengers.

The airline has declared its desire to secure two additional Fokker 50 aircraft and12 Sukhoi Superjet 100s.

In order to move ahead with the purchase of the Russian-built Sukhoi jets, Sky Aviation is awaiting formal safety certification of the jet by European Aviation authorities.

The Sukhoi Superjet 100s can fly at 0.81 Mach and have a maximum operational height of 40,000 feet.


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Batu Lemo, Tana Toraja


Batu Lemo, Tana Toraja










Batu Lemo, prostate Tana Toraja Place of burial or funeral bodies shaped holes in the wall rock. This place is the result of human creations remarkable Toraja. How not wake that has existed since the 16th century were made ??by means of sculpting.

At that time, sales of course with very simple equipment. Lemo is located in the village (valley) Lemo. About 12 kilometers south of Rantepao or six kilometers north of Makale.

Lemo named because some models burrow circular stone and mottled fruit resembling an orange or lime. The graves stones are considered the burrow paa '.

There are 75 holes in the wall rock. Some of them have statues lined the so-called tau-tau. The statues are a symbol of social standing, status, and their role during the life of the local nobility.

These objects are crowded with visitors since 1960. Besides watching the stone tomb, tourists can also buy various souvenirs or walking path around the object is witnessing a ripe fruit fruit pangi brown. The fruits were processed and prepared foods typically eaten as a Toraja tribe called pantollo pamarrasan


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Nusa Lima: The Nias version of Nusa Dua

Nusa Lima: The Nias version of Nusa Dua
NBC - Want a trip to Nusa Five? viagra Anda bertanya, seek di mana tempat itu?">You are likely to raise eyebrows and a moment later, ambulance you ask, where is it? Nusa Dua in Bali is certainly familiar to you, now called Nusa treasury Five beautiful place in Nias should complete the list of places you will go to fill your vacation.

Previously, people familiar with the Mount Sitoli Nias Heritage Museum, Beach Lady, Peak Laowömaru, Beautiful Estuary. After the earthquake March 28, 2005 popping up new tourist sites, such as Nusa Beach Lima and Carlita.

Five coastal tourist sites are located in the village of Nusa Foa, District of Mount Sitoli Idanoi, Sitoli Mountain City, 16 kilometers from Mount Sitoli or 2 kilometers ahead of the airport Airport Binaka from the direction of Mount Sitoli.

You are not hard to find. Arriving in the village of Foa, in front of the mosque Foa, a signpost left side of the road emblazoned with the words "Five Nusa Beach 500 m". From this location hotmix road connected by a road onderlag-stone, sand and gravel that was compacted width of about 3 meters. All types of motorized vehicles can enter this region.

Over an area of ??1.3 hectares has now been established Saung 36 units, capacity of 50-20 people. One unit of hall 9 x 16 meters, can be modified as a model with a capacity of 250 people, restaurant, meeting rooms 6 x 13 m, capacity 100 people, a unit mushala, as well as ample parking space. It also provided the facility sound system, keyboard and singer. "I've spent about $ 500 million to prepare for this location," said Kurniawan Harefa, Nusa owner told NBC Lima, 26 April 2011.

With such facilities, Nusa Five very appropriate as a place of execution of events in the form of meetings, parties, warm-hearted. To attract visitors, Nusa Five also carry out annual beach volleyball tournament and to support government activities in the development of Sapta charm to the community and visitors.

This new tourist attractions not only offers natural beauty alone, like the sea which gives coolness and the sounds of birds in the trees are lush, but the service employees satisfying the visitors.

When NBC entered the site on Tuesday (4/26/2011), a young man at the front entrance welcomes with a smile and immediately directed us to the park so neatly arranged. The young man then gave a warm greeting, "Welcome to our site, please choose a suitable Saung," he said kindly.

A moment later after selecting saung overlooking the sea, a pair of neatly dressed waiter with a smile offers a menu of food they provide. That afternoon our choice fell on grilled grouper.

Five managers seem to be able to read Nusa opportunity to make a meeting place which is sufficient not only intended for individual or family visitors. Thus, various organizations, including government officials, many are choosing Nusa Five as a place to hold meetings or celebrations.

One visitor NBC encountered at the site revealed that each holiday and spare time he chose to spend time in this place. "If you visit this place, I feel comfortable," said Yanuari Zebua (30), the villagers Lölözasai, District Gidö, Nias regency, as he looked toward the sea coast with Foa and her friends enjoy the shade of the trees around the place.

Yanuari also claimed that non-governmental organizations where he worked to choose the venue for a meeting in Nusa Lima. "The atmosphere of this place is cozy and beautiful scenery, perfect as a venue for meetings," he said.

Other interesting thing is free to enter visitor attractions without having to pay money into or ticket. "We the youth can enter this region with a free tour and enjoy periods of courtship without the cost," said Martin Ndraha (28), a visitor.

According Kurniwan Harefa, the beaches are managed now formerly known names Foa Coast. However, until 2007, Beach Foa no longer visited by people for not properly managed. In fact, in the past Foa Coast was once a famous tourist destination for the people of Nias.

Seeing conditions, youth with educational background of one of English Literature in the Field of Higher Education is interested in exploring the popularity of the site again. He then bought the land area of ??1.3 hectares of the local community.

Kurniawan admitted often travel to a number of areas and look at the concept of tourism development there. From the observation that he began to develop tourist sites in Nias and build Nusa Beach Lima in 2007.

For youth born 23 November 1982, the developing tourism businesses is not easy, for him a challenge to do all my soul.

Capitalize comparative study and read a book, started to open his business in December 2007. And started its operation since July 2008.

To create a new tourist site name of the building, Kurniawan was inspired by the name of Nusa Dua in Bali. According Kurniawan, word 'five' is taken from the five elements Afo (betel)-in which the materials are composed of five types, namely tawuo (betel leaf), Fino (areca), betua (lime), Bago (tobacco) and gambe ( gambier leaves).

Talk menu provided by Nusa Five, can be quite varied. Visitors can choose different types of seafood, like grilled fish, fried shrimp flour, flour fried squid, fried rice, fried chicken powder, cap cay, cah kale and various other foods and soft drinks.

Now, Nusa Five has 20 employees who were recruited from the local community Kurniawan. There are 10 permanent employees, seven employees off, and three security officers. In addition, since 2009 Nusa Five facilitating children's elementary and junior high school to learn it for free with two subjects, namely Mathematics and English in the place.

With the presence of these five sights Nusa now gives additional revenue for local governments in the form retibrusi permit trading business, recreational license, permit crowds, billboard tax, and environmental sanitation reports.

Monitor Lizard Flavored Curry, An Extreme Culinary with Great Taste

NBC — Consuming meat of monitor lizard or locally called biawak? It sounds strange to hear that menu, hospital let alone eat them. People commonly recognizes monitor lizard as a reptile with one meter in length with hard shell and scales in grayish color. It weighs about three kilograms and sometimes known as wild reptile.

Monitor Lizard Flavored Curry, An Extreme Culinary with Great Taste

Richly flavored curry of monitor lizard. Photo by Jannerson Girsang.

At the beginning I doubted when a friend offers me richly flavored curry of monitor lizard at a food stall at Jalan RRI at Iraonogeba Sub District, healing Gunungsitoli. However, sovaldi sale upon noting the proper serving as it is the case of the meat simmered in richly flavored curry, I attempt to try to taste it to satisfy my curiosity. In fact, the monitor lizard, or in Latin it is so-called Varanus albigularis, turns to be delicious menu with a good cooking technique. The taste is almost similar to the beef or mutton commonly consumed.

The monitor lizard, which in Nias is locally called boroe, here is well known by Nias people, particularly those residing in Gunungsitoli.  At least, there are three restaurants in Gunungsitoli serving monitor lizard meat as their menus.

We go to the restaurant owned by Atulö’ö Telaumbanua, 45, who is better known as Ama Andi Telaumbanua, to taste the menu here. Ama Andi in collaboration with his wife has been running this restaurant since 2006. In his restaurant, the monitor lizard meat is considered the prominent menu. “I love extreme culinary, let alone after traveling across Indonesia for case study engaged by the government program,”  he says.

As to Atulö’ö, there is an increasing number of monitor lizard meat lovers in Gunungsitoli. In a week they get up to one ton of monitor lizard supplies. They are caught from some places in Nias including Alasa, Sirombu, Lahewa, and Tuhemberua. “Up to the moment, we got supply of monitor lizard meat from Nias,” says Atulö’ö who has travelled across many regions in Indonesia after graduating from Machine Engineering Vocational School (STM) majoring in Chemical Engineering.

Prior to serving the simmered lizard meat, the supplied reptiles are kept in one cage behind his house yard. “”We get the supplies from some markets that have known us as their customer,” he adds.

In this restaurant, the monitor lizard meat is then cooked in various menus such as soup and richly flavored curry. He still uses manual tools to cook the meat. Atulö’ö collaborates with his wife and his six employees to go through the cooking processes.

In addition to the great taste, monitor lizard meat in fact has many benefits as it could serve as the medication for uric acid.  As to Atulö’ö, two Dutch and French professors who have ever tutored him during his case study in Indonesia, gave him this information. It is also believed that monitor lizard can make the skin shiny as told by many sources taken from internet.

Thanks to that sort of information, the number of the reptile meat lovers is increasing. Yosima Halawa, 28,  is the example. The woman loves to consume monitor lizard meat. “People say it serves as the medication of uric acid. But I prefer consuming this reptile due to the great taste,”  she says smilingly.

Similarly as what Yosima says, Syukur Zendratö, 26, also admits the delicious taste of the cooked monitor lizard meat. “It tastes like chicken meat. Let alone, it is said that the meat could cure uric acid,”  says the young man who consumes this reptile meat after his colleague told him.

You need not to worry about the price. One portion of the cooked monitor lizard meat in this restaurant costs IDR10,000. It is really affordable.

Do you want to have more than monitor lizard meat? If you are extreme culinary lover, the restaurant also provides other special menus such as escargot (locally called sigi), frog (talaho), bat (bögi), scaly anteater (sigölu), deer (nago), mouse deer (laosi), snake (gulõ), and crocodile (buaya). However, it would be better to order first due to the mounting demand which leads to run out of stocks. “All animals are mostly derived from Sirombu, Mandrehe, Alasa, and Idanögawo” says Atulö’ö Telaumbanua.

The most expensive culinary in this restaurant is scaly anteater as it costs IDR25,000 per portion. This kind of meat is quite high-priced because the scaly anteater costs up to IDR300,000 per kilogram. Are anxious to taste them?


So the opportunity Indonesian International Language

PONTIANAK, pills - Indonesian likely to become the international language of conversation in the world. More and more foreigners are interested in learning the Indonesian language.
Only by learning the Indonesian language, cialis foreign citizens can understand the cultural diversity of Indonesia is very typical. To that end, Indonesia should be a good cultural packaging so that more and more foreign nationals who want to understand it.

Body Language Researchers Ministry of Education and Culture, Dendy Sugono, Wednesday (14/12/2011), said the cultural diversity of Indonesia is the most important factor that causes a lot of foreigners want to learn Indonesian language.

"Only by learning the Indonesian language, foreign citizens can understand the cultural diversity of Indonesia is very typical. To that end, Indonesia should be a good cultural packaging so that more and more foreign nationals who want to understand it enough to learn the Indonesian advance," said Dendy.

Indications began receiving the Indonesian language in international relations is the high interest of foreign nationals studying Indonesian at the center of learning Indonesian in their country.

"Countries of the existing central Indonesian language is the countries in Europe, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Egypt, and Russia," said Dendy.

Besides Saudi Arabia, which includes signage Indonesian can also be found in Frankfurt, Germany. "In Saudi Arabia, there are reasonable written in Indonesian language on the board of directions. When in Germany, it is rather special because the Indonesian language is one of six foreign languages ??to be learned in school," said Dendy.


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A Visit to Kupang’s Famous Fish Market

At Kampung Solor night market, <a href=rx red snapper is the most popular choice. (JG Photo/Ade Mardiyati)" />










On the last day of a recent business trip to Kupang, thumb in East Nusa Tenggara, cialis I had some time to travel around the city before my afternoon flight back to Jakarta.

The night before I had arranged for Geby Djari, a local woman I met earlier in the trip, to pick me up in the morning so I could join her at the local fish market.

Geby, 31, runs a small business in Kupang selling ikan bakar , or grilled seafood. After living in Jakarta for more than 10 years, she returned home and is now a vendor at the famous Kampung Solor night market, where my travel group ate dinner one evening.

The Kampung Solor market occupies one of the city’s main streets, which looks completely different in the morning. At the night market, vendors sell incredibly fresh fish, crab and squid.

Locals suggest that you check the vendors’ prices before you decide to sit and order. The seafood in Kupang is generally of much higher quality than it is in most Jakarta restaurants, and it’s also a lot cheaper.

“We have a great selection of seafood, especially fish. The most popular thing here is red snapper, I think,” Geby said. “We locals eat fish every day, so we know what’s good and what isn’t. You can never fool us with fish that isn’t fresh.”

Located on the western tip of the island of Timor, Kupang is one of the province’s busiest cities. Its airport, El Tari, welcomes flights from other major cities in Indonesia as well as the neighboring countries of East Timor and Australia.

“Flights to Australia are around Rp 1 million [$110] from here,” Geby said.

The city is a melting pot where people from outside the province, mainly from Bali, Java and Sulawesi, have come to start businesses. It even has an area called Kampung Bugis, where Bugis people, one of Sulawesi’s main ethnic groups, have settled.

Beaches are also less than an hour away by car, and they become more beautiful the farther away you get from the city, Geby said.

“If only you had more time, my dad and I would take you on our boat to Pulau Kera. Although it’s not big, it is the most beautiful island, with white-sand beaches,” she said.

December is the best time to travel to Kupang for many reasons, she added. The temperature is more bearable then, usually about 35 degrees Celsius, which is below the year-round high of about 39 degrees. Because the weather is so nice, she said, sailing is also a breeze.

“That’s why fish are generally cheaper starting in September, because fishermen catch more thanks to the good weather,” she said.

At the fish market near Oeba, hundreds of vendors sell a wide variety of fish and other types of seafood that they purchase directly from fishermen. Every morning as early as 3 a.m., boats arrive at the small port near the market, bringing fishermen from Kupang, Ende, Sulawesi and elsewhere to deliver their catch.

“While local fishermen from Kupang go to the sea at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon and return the next morning, Bugis [fishermen] from Sulawesi spend weeks at sea and bring tons of fish. That’s why it can take up to three days to unload the boats,” Geby said.

When it comes to food, she added, Kupang’s specialities include seafood, se’i (smoked pork or beef) and bose (corn-based porridge).

“Pork se’i is especially popular here,” she said. “Tourists will look for it when they’re in Kupang.”

Indeed, in Kupang, pigs are just like dogs, walking freely in the streets, near the market and in the yards of local homes.

Although people from across Indonesia live in the city, Catholics and other Christians make up a majority of the population. Churches are easy to find and images of Jesus are everywhere, including on murals, on public transportation and on the outsides of homes.

“People are very religious here, so you won’t find any open shops on Sunday mornings because everyone goes to church,” Geby said. “Shops typically open at four in the afternoon on Sundays, but you can still go to the market.”

One of the most interesting sights in Kupang is the city’s notorious public transportation system of bemos . These minivans are decorated on all sides with large stickers, which usually include some words in English and sometimes don’t make sense.

The bemos were designed to attract attention, a fellow journalist from Kupang told me, and they have been dubbed “moving discotheques” because the drivers often blast disco and rap music.

“The local administrator has even issued a regulation capping the maximum volume of the music played in bemos,” the journalist said. “It’s annoying, but school kids won’t ride a bemo that doesn’t play loud music.

“A lot of young men from Kupang have failed the test to join the military because they have hearing problems. How can they not, when they’ve been abusing their ears since they were very young?”

In order to go deeper into the island of Timor, travelers can ride buses, which run frequently, Geby said. Some go as far as Atambua, the city closest to the border between Indonesia and East Timor.

Geby said it was her love of Kupang that brought her back home from Jakarta. “No matter how poor we are here, there is no place like Kupang in Indonesia.”


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