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Bandung to host "Road to Indonesia Coffee Festival"

Bandung, thumb W.Java (ANTARA News) - Bandung, illness West Java`s provincial capital, view will host a Road to Indonesia Coffee Festival on December 23, 2011, as a precursor to an Indonesian Coffee Festival in Bali next year, the event`s initiator said.

"Bandung which was the first region in Indonesia to host ?coffee plantations will have the honor of hosting the Road to Indonesia Coffee festival," Yanthi Tambunan said here Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Coffee Festival will be held in Bali in early 2012. The festival was expected to be a haven for coffee lovers in Indonesia.

According to Yanthi, Bandung was chosen to host the Indonesian Coffee Festival`s pre-event because of its history in coffee cultivation and trade that had brought it high prestige.

Bandung also played a significance role in the development of coffee in Indonesia because the first coffee plantations in Indonesia were established in the Bandung region by Peter Eugelhard during the Dutch colonial period, Coffee grown in the Bandung region later became known world-wide as Java Coffee, she said.

Based on this history, Bandung which has a cold climate, had a great potentials for coffee business both packaged coffee and coffee treats in cafes.

"The Road to Indonesia Coffee Festival will educate the public about coffee," Yanthi said.

Indonesia is currently the world`s biggest coffee producer after Brazil and Vietnam. Indonesia`s current coffee production stands at 200 thousand tons per year.

Ideally with this high production Indonesia no longer needed to import coffee. With growth of 10 percent of the local production, it would be sufficient to meet the domestic needs, Yanthi said.

"Indonesia`s coffee export potential is still large including to Japan, Germany, Italy, UK and U.S. However, usually the coffee exported comes back to Indonesia under a foreign label," she said.

The current upswing in the coffee price was related from the rainy season. The coffee price in the market was now around Rp80.000 per kilogram.


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Maharani Cave

Maharani Cave, there is located in Tanjung Kodok sea tourism area, help Paciran district Lamongan regency, levitra about 200 m from Tanjung Kodok gateway fringe the roadway to east. About 50 m in the south of the street, there is stone that its soil is tire to form the bank that has downwards. Here, some labourers had mine the coral soil, phosphate material and dolomite fertilizer that had sold out of Paciran region. On this area, is a countryside road, which is the footpath, and every day passed by non irrigated dry field farmers, the stone mineworker workers, also once in a while is crowded passed the boy scouts who performing a camp around the area.

This Maharani Cave found by 4 labourers who being led by Mr. Sugeng. This cave had found on 6 Augusts 1992. The name of this cave had selected by the situation of the beautiful cave like a palace from a beautiful queen. Before the invention, one of the members, had dream, she had met with a beautiful woman who had a beautiful as the property of a queen that called Maharani. The queen seems to be a head time door of the cave that had found. The name of this empress has specified by the fact of this cave condition. In platform of the cave named Paseban Maharani, there is stone which has crown form, the property of a queen, which named “Selo Mahkota Maharani”. This beautiful cave room also alike an empire palace of subterranean that is full of graven pillar and roof.

The situation of the nature cave of Maharani Palace is stay at 200 m from Java seashore residing in Tanjung Kodok area, Paciran district, Lamongan regency. This cave is easily to visit and fluent to obtain the transportation towards to the location.

Maharani Cave









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Maharani Cave

Temple Muara Takus

Temple Muara Takus













Muara Takus temple is situated in the village Muara Takus, ed Kampar District XIII Koto or the distance is approximately 135 kilometers from the city of Pekanbaru. The distance between this temple complex in the village center Muara Takus, find approximately 2.5 miles and not far from the Kampar river Right. The temple complex is surrounded by a wall measuring 74 x 74 meters, there is also a wall outside their area of land measuring 1.5 x 1.5 kilometers that surrounds this complex to the Kampar river Right.

Within this complex there are also old buildings of the temple, temples and Stupas Mahligai Youngest and Palangka. Building materials consist of sandstone temples, river stones and bricks. According to sources Tempatan, bricks for this building built in the village Pongkai, a village located on the downstream side of the temple complex. Former mining land for bricks until now regarded as a highly respected residents.

To bring the brick to the temple, performed by relay from hand to hand. This story though is not certain truth to the idea that the construction of such temples are worked together and performed by people ramai.Selain of old temples, temples Youngest, Mahligai Stupa and Palangka, in the temple complex was also found that the mound is estimated as the burning of human bones. Outside the complex there is also the buildings (the former) are made of brick, which has not been established types of buildings.

Muara Takus temple complex, the only relic of history that shaped temple in Riau. This temple is a testament pernahnya budhistis Buddhism developed in this region several centuries ago. However, archaeological experts have not been able to determine exactly when this temple was founded. Some say the eleventh century, some say the fourth century, the seventh, ninth century, and so on. But obviously this temple complex is a historical relic of the past.


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Starch Mata Ka Ata, Rituals in Top Flores


Park Square Kapuas

Park Square Kapuas (yosemite national park)







Visiting the city of Pontianak certainly not complete until they've been coming to Park Square Kapuas . Although malls, patient cafes, doctor and various other entertainment centers are mushrooming in the city of Pontianak, the level of tourist visits to the Park Square Kapuas not decreased. In fact, after a massive renovation in 1999, the rate of tourist visits to the park near the office of mayor is increasingly showing a significant increase from time to time.

Park Square is located at Visit Rahardi Kapuas Oesman, District of West Pontianak, Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Its location is strategically located in the central city of Pontianak make this park as one of the favorite recreation spot for the city to unwind after working all day or just for inspiration. In the afternoon, while standing at the edge of the fence the park, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Kapuas River and passing boats that take across the passenger. Visitors can also enjoy the exoticism of the region while sitting on the stairs located on the banks of the river (waterfront) by dipping a foot into the Kapuas River. The atmosphere is more perfect if it is done with family or friends over a cup of tea or coffee. Will be more interesting if the visitor to enjoy the beauty of this region while eating meatballs, boiled peanuts, satay, roasted corn / cob, and other snacks are being sold along the street traders in the region.

At night, especially on weekends or at times other holidays, park visitors are multiplying. Sitting Lesbian groups, visitors can enjoy the charm of this area, see the lights from the houses across the river which emit light or lights that cross the river water motor. The atmosphere of night life and more romantic with the presence of singers who brought the songs that were hits with the accompaniment of guitar playing is riveting or friction that lilting violin. Visitors can ask them to sing songs of joy by giving tips modest.

When bored, visitors can enjoy the other side of the park by renting a bike water to surround the area of the park or try some arcade games that give a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of syrup as a reward. On certain days are held regularly travel agenda, such as kite festivals, painting exhibitions, exhibition of ornamental plants, stage entertainment, and cheap market. In the vicinity of Park Square Kapuas there are various facilities such as mosques, ATM, bank, park, playground for children, water bike rentals, shopping centers, restaurants, food stalls, canteens, street vendors, souvenir centers and souvenirs, internet cafes, telephone kiosks, voucher refill pulse, and the guest house and hotel with a variety of types.

Park Square is centrally located in Kapuas Pontianak and traversed by the transport trajectory of the city, so visitors can access it easily from all over the city of Pontianak. In addition to the transportation of the city, visitors can also access the park by taxi.


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Pusentase (kate walsh)







Pusentase Towale located in the Village, there Banawa district, see Donggala, doctor Central Sulawesi Province. Pusentase from Kaili language which means the navel of the sea water or sea wells. Pusentase is an 8-meter-diameter wells located on land (the beach) and has some hidden tunnels connecting it to the sea. Not surprisingly, this crystal clear well water tasted salty.

Stretch of white sand and hedge trees that grow around the coast, to be incredibly interesting, so the sights are perfect for relaxing with family. Visitors can enjoy the cool air and calm atmosphere with the family, because the tourist sites are located quite far from the crowds. In addition, visitors can also see a variety of marine fish that were swimming in the pusentase. Not far from the tourist sites, visitors can watch the mothers and young women are making sarongs woven in a center craft Donggala Donggala glove. Around the location of accommodation facilities available in the form of custom homes, as well as several restaurants.

This tourist attraction is located about 47 km from Palu or 13 miles from the City of Donggala. Munuju Road location is quite good, so it can be reached by using a motor vehicle. From the town of Palu to the location can be reached by using a four-wheeled vehicle and two wheels with a travel time of about 1.5 â € "2 hours.
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