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River Rafting in Nimanga and Ranoyapo

River Rafting in Nimanga and Ranoyapo (lebron james)







It is clear that the whitewater jerang done in the river which has a swift current. Timbukar In the village, there Minahasa regency, sildenafil North Sulawesi , we'll find it in rivers and streams Nimanga Ranoyapo. Both are located about 30 km from the city of Manado. Whitewater-rafting is a relatively young sport in Indonesia. He is classified in the extreme sports game or a challenging one's guts. Are you the one? If so, then came to a river or stream Nimanga Ranoyapo.

In this place, you will feel a memorable experience through the exploration of the distinctive character of the two rivers, Nimanga and Ranoyapo. You do not have to worry with the swift river currents are both recreational and whitewater-rafting because the tourist is provided by the guide who will accompany during enjoy new experiences. Great experience will be felt when trying to navigate the enormity of the sport whitewater-rafting in these two rivers. For a traveler, it's a lifetime will not be forgotten when the river along the 35 km of this.

In these two rivers, travelers can experience a heavy flow of water is not polluted river, enjoying the natural scenery around the beautiful river, and watch the various bird species danced in the sky while berbahana with very melodious. Visiting this place is one of the appropriate alternative to relieve fatigue work world that has become routine. Interest in this sport tourism can stay hotels or lodging in the vicinity of the river Nimanga tourist attraction. In addition, available service and tour guides to facilitate whitewater-rafting. Includes the facility to maintain your safety.

There are two options to get to the place where the rafting done. First, the general form of microbus vehicle that you can encounter at a bus terminal in Manado. Second, private vehicles. Both can be achieved approximately three-hour overland journey from the city of Manado.


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Attractions: Cave Tiangko


Archipelago Apartments offered to Timor Leste refugees

KUPANG: The Kupang regency administration in East Nusa Tenggara, advice has offered apartments to refugees from Timor Leste currently staying in makeshift shelters.

Over 1, physician 000 families took refuge in East Nusa Tenggara when East Timor, now Timor Leste, became independent from Indonesia, following a referendum in 1999. They have since lived in shelters while the local government worked to find them permanent settlements.

Regent Ayub Titu Eki said that his administration was looking to provide decent settlements to the refugees. “It’s difficult to meet their demands that a settlement be built with cultivated land,” he said when meeting with a European Union monitoring team on Wednesday.

“The solution is the government builds apartments with the hopes that the rest of the land can be used for cultivation,” he said.

The refugees have complained about the settlements provided by the government. “The government has built settlements in a number of locations since 2001. But they are far from access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity. There is no electricity or clean water,” Vasco Amaral, a refugee at Tuapukan village, said on Friday.

Margaretha, another refugee, said that around 500 school children might drop out because their parents faced financial difficulties.

The European Union has assisted 4,663 refugees with settlement, social facilities, healthcare, education services and economic empowerment, according to reports.


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How Can Indonesia Make your Christmas Extra Special?

Indonesia is a beautiful country located in the southeast portion of Asia. It is made up of many islands, sovaldi and the country has the most active volcanoes in the world. Millions of tourists visit Indonesia each year, and the Christmas season is an exciting time to visit the country. About 5 percent of the population of Indonesia is Christian; therefore, the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated in the country.

The Indonesian population really enjoys celebrating Christmas. Many events and festivals take place during the Christmas season. These activities are enjoyed by not only local citizens, but also tourists as well.

People in Indonesia begin to celebrate the holiday about a month prior to Christmas. Local markets supply turkeys, cranberry sauce, Christmas cookies and other Christmas foods. Because the stores have a limited supply, the people flock to get what they need. Some individuals will visit several different markets, as one store does not have the things they want.

Many people in the country buy tropical pine trees. You can buy real or artificial trees. The department stores have many Christmas decorations, including trees, cards, lights and stockings.

There are many charities around the country that collect donations on Christmas. The donations go to help orphanages or other charity organizations. Knowing that you are helping the less fortunate can help your Christmas extra special.

There are many villages in Indonesia that reenact the nativity scene that took place in Bethlehem so many years ago. They sing Christmas songs while around the nativity, and a Bible reading takes place in many languages.

Numerous churches in the country perform Christmas programs the entire week of Christmas. At the end of the week, they have a huge party where a meal is served.

Christmas is a national holiday in Indonesia, and in areas such as Jaya and Bali, there are parties and festivals that honor holiday traditions of not only Christians, but Muslims as well. In the Maluku Islands, the shopping centers and markets are splendidly decorated, and there are numerous plays, dances and dramas on the island.

The largest cathedral in the country, located in Jakarta, is home to many Christmas celebrations. The town has festive Christmas decorations throughout, including trees and Christmas cakes. On Christmas Eve, the churches are filled with people praying, and some villages even have a fireworks display.

A website that you can visit that will help you book excellent accommodation is You can find a hotel to meet your budget. Therefore, go to to book your paradise holiday.

Christmas in Indonesia is a special time of the year, as there are so many things that you can do in the country to make your holiday special. When spending Christmas in Indonesia, you will make memories to last a lifetime.


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How Singaporeans Increase Tourism and Learn Cultures from Indonesia

How Singaporeans Increase Tourism and Learn Cultures from Indonesia

YOGYAKARTA, cure - Singapore is seeking cooperation with Yogyakarta city in Central Java , especially in the fields of culture and tourism.

"I see that Yogyakarta is a region that is rich in culture and extraordinary tourism potentials," Singapore’s foreign and domestic affairs minister Masagus Zulkifli said here on Saturday.

He said when meeting with the deputy governor of the special region, Sri Paku Alam IX, that Singapore also wishes to open Singapore Airline flights to Yogyakarta.

"This is to ease visits by the Singaporean people for tourism or to learn the culture, tourism and language," he said.

He said Singapore as a tourist destination received around 12 million foreign visitors every year who stayed there mostly for three days. He said the tourists after visiting Singapore actually also wished to be able to continue their trips to other regions.

"Yogyakarta is one of their choices," he said. He said Singapore also wishes several school teachers in that country could also learn Indonesian and Malay languages in Yogyakarta for around three to four months.

Paku Alam IX welcomed the cooperation offer saying that the Yogyakarta provincial administration would provide facilities for smooth development of the cooperation in the future.

During the meeting minister Masagus Zulkifli was accompanied by Singapore deputy ambassador Gerrard Ho and Paku Alam by the assistant for economic and development affairs, Andung Prihadi Santoso and head of Yogyakarta tourism service, Tazbir Abdullah.


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