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Soekarno's House in Ende

Soekarno s House in Ende During the struggle for Indonesian independence, treat the first Indonesian President, viagra Soekarno, was once exiled by the Dutch colonial government for four years to Ende Flores (from 1934 to 1938).  Upon his arrival here, Soekarno did not have any place to stay.  After staying in a house near Port Ende, he then looked for a rented house facing east.  Soekarno then found a Dutch house occupied by Haji Abdulah Ambuwaru.  In this house, Soekarno lived for four years.  In 1954, when Soekarno became the Indonesian President, he officially inaugurated this house as a museum.  This house is now called Rumah Soekarno.

This house has two bedrooms, a living room and an office. In the back of the house is a room previously used by Soekarno for meditation and several rooms for maids.  In the back yard is a well, which is still working today.

During his exile here, Soekarno painted and wrote several plays such as Dokter Setan (Satanic Doctor).


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Saumlaki: Gateway to the Tanimbar Islands

Somewhere in the eastern waters of Indonesia, no rx between the Aru and Kei Islands to the east, and Timor Island to the west, are strings of islands with light blue outlines, known as the Tanimbar Islands or the Tanimbars. These islands are composed of 65 small islands which form part of the province of Maluku (Moluccas). Some of the named ones are Fordate, Larat, Molu, Maru, Wotap, Wuliaru, Selu, Sera, Selaru, and the largest one is Yamdena.

Sailing from Darwin, Australia towards the Banda Sea with Bandaneira or Ambon as your main destination, then Saumlaki on the densely wooded Island of Yamdena, is your first stop in the Indonesian waters to process your Immigration and Customs formalities, and to refresh your stamina. Saumlaki is the largest town in the Tanimbars. The town is growing where Christian missionaries’ influences can be found everywhere.

The port of Saumlaki is on the south coast of Yamdena. The western part of the island is still swampy and less hilly compared to its east side. Layers of coastal houses look peaceful as a towering large façade of the town’s church stands among lush trees. Two thirds of Tanimbarese are Catholics and Protestants. The remainder are Moslems, Buddhists, and animism believers.

Past travelers have warned that the locals are less hospitable than those on Maluku. As a near isolated region of Maluku, the Tanimbars still push themselves to improve their limited facilities and services. The town of Saumlaki itself is built around a single main street flanked by Chinese shophouses.

Visited by the Dutch in 1629 and claimed in 1639 under the right of discovery, the Tanimbars are, nonetheless, less influenced by colonialism, except by persistent missionaries. Although the islands do not have many attractions, yet adventurers may find them historically interesting.


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Surabaya's Juanda named Indonesia’s best airport

Juanda International Airport in Surabaya has been named the country’s best airport by the State-Owned Enterprises Ministry.

“We accepted the best airport of the year award from the State-Owned Enterprises Ministry at the Borobudur Hotel in Jakarta last night, cheap illness ” Trikora Harjo, the general manager of state airport operator PT Angkasa Pura I, said in Surabaya, on Thursday.

Trikora said that the ministry had assessed the airport’s amenities, safety, security and cleanliness.

“In those aspects, we have beaten out Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Makassar’s Hasanuddin Airport ,” he said.

Trikora said that 37 airports in the country, operated by PT Angkasa Pura I, PT Angkasa Pura II and the Transportation Ministry, had been the contestants in the yearly event.

“We are committed to maintaining this achievement…,” he added, Antara news agency reported.


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